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Product Description

The Jay Care cushion is a simple, moisture resistant one piece seating system.

Now with 1/2 inch more lateral positioning support, it is designed primarily for the person at moderate risk for skin breakdown who sits with a fixed posterior pelvic tilt. The integrated Jay Flow fluid pad provides pressure and shear reduction for the client who is at moderate risk for skin breakdown.

The reinforced curved bottom counteracts the negative effects associated with sling upholstery providing a level surface for optimal pelvic position. The contoured base provides a longer seat well to accommodate fixed "sacral sitting".

The Jay Flow fluid pad, combined with the soft foam base conforms to the shape of the client's pelvis, providing optimal shear reduction as well as enhanced pressure distribution. The fluid Tripad incorporates left, right and rear sections to maintain the fluid under bony areas.

To be used on sling upholstery.
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Contoured Foam Base with Extended Well and JAY Flow Fluid Tripad

The Care's extended well accommodates the "sacral sitting" position common with fixed posterior pelvic tilt postures. Designed for use on sling upholstery, a reinforced, curved bottom reduces the "hammocking" effect of upholstery, keeping the sitting surface level. Its integrated JAY Flow fluid pad conforms to each individual's shape and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown.

Two Covers Included

Two covers are included with the Care cushion. The backup cover allows for continued use and protection of the base when the other cover is being washed.

Weight:Approx. 7.2 lbs.
Height:Approx. 2.5 in.
Weight Capacity:250 lbs.
Cushion cover material choices:Incontinence-resistant cover
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