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Standard Cushions / Pads

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  •  Premium general use cushion
  •  4-way stretch, water-resistant, cover
  •  Properly designed pre-contoured shape

$9900 Ea
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  •  Foam Positioning Cushion
  •  Improved medial and lateral stability
  •  4-way stretch, water-resistant, cover

$27900 Ea
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  •  Skin protection cushion
  •  Properly designed pre-contoured shape
  •  4 way stretch, water resistant, cover

$15900 Ea
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  •  Skin Protection & Positioning Cushion
  •  Hydrolite fluid bladder
  •  Fluid bladder disperses impact equally across contact area

$37500 Ea
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  •  Skin Protection & Positioning Cushion
  •  High quality viscoelastic foam insert
  •  4-way stretch Lycra outer cover reduces surface tension

$33900 Ea
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  •  Most adaptable hardware ever
  •  Independent height, depth and angle adjustment
  •  Premium construction

$39900 Ea
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  •  Superior pressure redistribution and positioning
  •  Middle contour acts as a built-in leg abductor
  •  High-resilient, high-density foam

$8000 Ea
  •  Made of soft, premium quality foam
  •  Versatile use for any location where seated comfort is needed
  •  Comes with durable, machine washable, jacquard zippered cover

$3600 Ea
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  •  Durable, heavy-gauge cushion
  •  Easy to inflate and deflate
  •  Helps relieve hemorrhoid pain, tailbone pain, and sciatica

$2240 Ea
  •  Memory-foam back cushion provides support, comfort and a tactile curve to improve posture
  •  Sealed liner protects foam core from moisture
  •  Non-slip vinyl back prevents the cushion from sliding and is waterproof

$4600 Ea
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  •  High-density foam
  •  Navy poly cotton machine washable cover.
  •  Conforms to body contours

$2495 Ea
  •  The cover is fluid resistant low-shear nylon
  •  2" gel-foam wheelchair cushion
  •  High-Density foam encapsulates a viscous gel bladder

$3700 Ea
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  •  High density foam shell surrounding a uniquely designed gel bladder
  •  Dual chambered gel bladder provides proper immersion and envelopment for pressure redistribution
  •  Cover is water resistant and low shear stretch to reduce heat and moisture build-up

$4600 Ea
  •  Helps provide both support and comfort when sitting for long periods
  •  Inflation or deflation is easy with the convenient push-pull valve
  •  Easy-to-clean

$1900 Ea
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  •  High-resilient molded foam provides optimal support, stabilization and pressure redistribution
  •  Removable, zippered, low-shear stretch cover is vapor permeable and water-resistant
  •  Convenient 12" tie straps secure the cushion to wheelchair

$4400 Ea
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  •  Soft memory foam cushion helps maintain an upright sitting position in wheelchair
  •  Durable memory foam with rip stop fabric cover
  •  Rip-stop cover provides protection for incontinence

$3400 Ea
  •  Synthetic fur padding helps promote air circulation and keeps skin from sticking to wheelchair
  •  Fits almost all wheelchairs with regular length armrests
  •  Machine washable

$4200 ST 1
  •  Synthetic fur padding
  •  Fits almost all wheelchairs with standard full-length armrests
  •  Machine washable

$2000 PR
  •  Aerated foam keeps the patient cool and dry
  •  Low shear water-resistant stretch nylon cover

$3300 Ea
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  •  Designed to assist in the prevention, treatment and management of pressure injuries
  •  Viscous gel bladder is encased in polyurethane foam shell
  •  Cover base is waterproof vinyl for durability

$4000 Ea
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