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Quickie P-222 SE Rear Wheel Power Wheelchair (EIPW2) - Quickie / Sunrise Medical

Manufacturer:Quickie / Sunrise Medical
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Item Number:EIPW2

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Product Description

The Quickie P222 SE is the revolutionary next generation of the Quickie P-200 power wheelchair. It offers users exceptional function with compact powerful styling. Four-pole Linix motors provide a top speed of 8.5 mph. These motors also have an outstanding quality record to help ensure users move quickly without issues.

Due to the new latching base system it is now easier to transport and convert the chair.

The Quickie P-222 SE offers rear wheel drive for superior maneuverability (26" turning radius minimum) and curb climbing ability (for approx. 4" curbs).

The Quickie P-222 SE features a C.G. (center-of-gravity) tilt option. This new addition is the perfect solution for clients who require tilt but still want a performance chair.

The Quickie P-222 SE features a detachable power base for easy access and service.

The Quickie P-222 SE features a standard 350 lb. user-weight capacity.

Optional fixed front hangers provide users with a durable, sporty look. They can be purchased with the chair or ordered as parts. The Quickie P-222 SE offers both straight and tapered versions.

A manual conversion kit is available as an option. This feature allows users to convert the chair from a power-drive to a self-propulsion system.
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Powerful Rear Wheel Drive Performance

The Quickie P222SE is an agile 8.5mph rear wheel drive performance power base. The shorter wheelbase affords a tight 25in turing radius.

R-Net Electronics

R-net drive controls pack a powerful 120A punch! Easy to use LED joystick comes standard. Expandable controls are available when operating power seating options or using alternative drive controls.

Color display style joysticks are also available for even greater control and versatility.

Stylish Footrest Options

Quikcie P222SE also has a variety of footrest styles that add function and flare.

Tapered footrest platform has angle adjustability and flip-up feature. Taper offers greater maneuverability and style.

Versatile Seating Interface

Quickie P222 SE utilizes the versatile seating interface that allows easy seat depth adjustment. Available in a 14-17in or 18-20in depth ranges. Backrest angle is also easy to adjust to suit your specific seating need.

A solid seat pan is standard and provides an optimal base of support for your cushion.

Adjustable Seat Angle

Seat angle is also easily adjusted to suit your specific riding needs.

Adjustable Backrest Angle

Seat angle is also easily adjusted to suit your specific riding needs

Product Weight:Approx. 115 lbs. w/o batteries
Product Width:14 in. - 24 in. seat width
Product Length/Depth:14 in. - 24 in. seat depth
Product Height:18 in. - 20 in. seat to floor
Electronic OptionsR-Net Electronics, 120A (expandable or non-expandable)
(Speed in mph)8.5 mph/ 350 lb. weight capacity
Tilt OptionYes ( 250 lb Capacity )
Battery Type22NF, Group 24
Overall Width:24.5 in. (14 in. - 20 in. seat widths),27.75 in. (22 in., 24 in. seat widths)
Drive Wheel Size12 in. X 4 in. (std.),12 in. X 2 in. (opt.)
Drive TireKnobby, V-Groove
Caster Options8 in., 8 in. (suspension),9 in.
Transit Option AvailableNo
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Optional fixed front hangers
  • Optional Manual wheelchair conversion
  • Powerful and Fast
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Comments: I have had this chair for over a year. It is torquey as heck but that means power. I disabled one of the safety settings so i can have a little tilt and still ride at full speed, yes it is a bit dangerous but I am aware and careful. This chair is very durable and have had not one issue with it, not one !! It also has the ability to change the center of gravity so it is not so nose heavy into the turns and eats up battery juice so fast,also makes the ride softer. I took it apart and put electric grease in all the plugs, because try as we all might, water or moisture still gets in these to corrode the connections. No wiring or connection or electrical issues. Just make sure you get MK gel batteries in it...no other brand will work as long or as well. I do hope this helps some one out there. I do have a wish for the manufacturer...please allow the tapered legs to be available on the center of gravity tilt chair,currently cant get it that way. This chair is just flat out awesome. I find it a bit depressing to drone on at 4 mph and to almost get run over at traffic lights, in other chairs. It is a bit of fun to go off zipping around to places. It is like my little go cart when i want it to be ! It is also mild mannered on speed setting two or three for around the house. This chair is just fantastic. Looking to order two more in the future ( one for my 26 year old daughter and a back up for me were i ever to need it ) One final thought, parts are also available at a reasonable price. look up the price to replace a part on the chair you might be considering...say an armrest pad...just do it before purchasing. You may find as I did that some are not available at all or are $300.00 for an armrest pad. The part for this chair is $7.00, and available to be shipped to your home. Just think about that. Wishing every one a happy life and to have some fun and get some sun !! Dr. Eric M. Jewell

Performance Package
Light Package (Requires Rnet)
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Battery Charger
Seat Width
Seat Depth
Front Seat Height
Seat Base
Back Type
Back Upholstery
Back Post Type
Back Height
Footrest Hanger
Footrest Extension Tube
Footrest Accessories
Joystick Mount
Joystick Mount Location
Joystick Handle
Attendant Control
Mounting Location
Electronic Programmers

Drive Wheel Type
Drive Wheel Tire
Wheel Lock
Wheel Lock Extension Handle
Caster Wheel
Caster Fork
Manual Conversion Kit
Wheel Rim/Size
Rear Wheel Tire
Airless Insert
Wheel Lock
Extension Handle

Seat Pouch
Positioning Belt

Wheel Chair Tray Table

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