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Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs

A Tilt-in-Space wheelchair is designed to provide very specific benefits for both the wheelchair user and the caregiver.

Users with insufficient strength to reposition themselves can be tilted easily by a caregiver to provide an effective weight shift or for easier repositioning in the wheelchair.

The tilt action can also provide a means to provide a more sustainable sitting posture for the user; many tilt-in-space chairs can tilt up to 55 degrees.

Most Tilt-in-Space chairs do require backrests, cushions, and headrests to suit the users needs.

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Quick Ship Tilt in Space
  •  Includes all seating componenets
  •  Easier to configure
  •  Ships complete

$3,59900 Ea
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  •  Rotational tilt-system
  •  Tilt options -5° to 50°, 0° to 55°
  •  Built-In Adjustability

$2,21000 Ea
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  •  Proven Rotation-In-Space Technology
  •  Options include the most frequently used armrests,wheels, tires, seat widths, and seat depths
  •  Swing-in/swing-out hangers with simple footrest adjustments and intuitive release levers

$2,03625 Ea
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  •  53 degrees tilt-in-space range.
  •  5 frame options- standard, growing, contracture, flared, and heavy duty.
  •  Back style available with standard angle adjustable or reclining.

$2,85000 Ea
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  •  Special aluminum alloys make the Quickie IRIS one of the lightest manual rotation-in-space chairs in today's market.
  •  The Quickie IRIS features a special angle-adjustable stroller handle that quickly adjusts to a variety of caregiver heights.
  •  A patent-pending backpost bracket allows repositioning of the backpost seat-depth without removing the attaching hardware.

$1,94625 Ea
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  •  The Zippie TS fixed frame version features the benefits of rigid support along with the advantage of built-in expandability.
  •  With fold-down backrests and quick-release wheels, it is still small enough to fit easily in a small trunk or backseat.
  •  The Zippie TS can serve as either a dependent or an independent mobility base.

$2,02500 Ea
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