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Titanium Wheelchairs

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  •  Rigid frame chairs are the lightest and highest performing chairs
  •  Precision Lock Technology
  •  Adjustable Camber Mount

$2,95400 Ea
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  •  Titanium frame
  •  Swept-In Dual-Tube Frame
  •  Zero Play Camber Plugs

$3,12500 Ea
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  •  New Optional SlipStream Single-Sided Fork
  •  1.25" Mono-Tube Frame is 20% lighter than the ZR Series 1
  •  Over 20 frame finishes, six color anodize packages, and titanium tattoos!

$3,05000 Ea
FREE Shipping 
  •  SpeedLoader Adjustable Front Caster Housing
  •  Tru-Fit System with up to 3.5” of Rear Seat Height Adjustment.
  •  New Optional SlipStream Single-Sided Fork

$2,75400 Ea
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  •  Patented Power X-Hinge
  •  Between-the-Rails Seat Frame
  •  Dual Interlocking Cross Braces

$2,16700 Ea
  •  Tru-Fit System opens up adjustability by incorporating an infinite adjustment mechanism
  •  Improved Speedloader Design
  •  Redesigned Footplates

$2,90000 Ea
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$1,67300 Ea
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Introducing the new TiLite TX folding titanium wheelchair technology - developed using rapid prototyping and finite element analysis to meet the demands of our customers. The new TX is stronger...

  •  New fold-down push handles
  •  3" vertical adjustment in 1/2" increments
  •  Rear axle features 4" of center-of-gravity adjustment in 1/2" increments

***Discontinued 2015 *** The Top End Terminator Titanium is an evolution of a legend, built with all of the quality and customizing experience of Top End. This custom 3-2.5 seamless titanium rigid...

Parts Available
  •  Available in 15 painted colors and axle plate and caster forks available in 6 anodized colors.
  •  Offers Frog legs front caster suspension, wide 6" caster wheels, rear axle elastomer suspension, and super knobby mountain wheels.

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