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Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape (1596, 1914, 2419, 3394) - Kendall / Covidien

Manufacturer:Kendall / Covidien
Unit of Measure: Ea (1 Roll)

Item Numbers:1596, 1914, 2419, 3394

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Excellent for repeated applications on sensitive, fragile skin. Minimal adhesive residue upon removal. Breathable, gentle and hypoallergenic.
Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape Some images may display non-standard options.
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Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape
Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape
(1596, 1914, 2419, 3394)
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Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape
Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape
(1596, 1914, 2419, 3394)
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