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Aquasite Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze

Aqusite Impregnated Gauze Dressings incorporate Dermasciences Aquasite Hydrogel into 100% Cotton USP Type VII gauze pads of various sizes. These dressings are ideal when a sterile moist packing for...

$2720 BX 10
Carrasyn V Gel

Thicker, more viscous formulation of Carrasyn Hydrogel, which has special adhesion properties and contains acemannan hydrogel.

$2400 Ea
DuoDERM Hydroactive Sterile Gel

This hydrogel is ideal for dry wounds covered with dead tissue, enhancing natural autolytic debridement. It releases moisture into dry wounds and absorbs more than double its weight in exudate. This...

$3700 BX 3
Elasto-Gel Hydrogel Occlusive Dressing

Provides a moist healing environment. Soft and pliable, stretches with movement, absorbs secretions, reduces odor and does not liquefy into the wound. Reduces need for frequent changes.

$3550 BX 5
Gentell Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Aloe vera-based, hydrating wound gel protects the wound bed and enhances the moist environment essential to the healing process. Compare to Carrasyn V Gel. Available in adjustable spray bottle or...

$1632 Ea
IntraSite Gel Applipak System

New delivery system applies a directionally controlled squeeze of gel right to the wound. Hydrogel formula gently and effectively debrides the wound without damaging tissue.

Smith & Nephew66027308, 66027311, 66027313
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$5080 BX 10
Normlgel 0.9% Isotonic Saline Gel - 5 gm packet

Protects newly formed tissue; maintains a clean, moist, insulated environment allowing the wound to continue its natural healing process. Use directly from sterile, single-dose package without...

$3384 BX 10
NutraGauze - 4 x 4in

Impregnated gauze dressing for skin ulcers (diabetic, venous stasis, stage II-IV pressure sores),surgical incisions, and superficial injuries such as partial thickness thermal burns, superficial...

$9508 BX 15
Purilon Hydrogel
  •  Purilon™ Gel is primarliy intended for the treatment of necrotic and sloughy wounds, e.g. leg ulcers and pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.
  •  The gel may be used throughout the healing process to provide a moist wound healing environment in all types of wounds.
  •  Purilon™ Gel can be used for infected wounds under the discretion of a health-care professional.

Coloplast3906, 3900, 3903
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$1410 Ea
Restore Hydrogel Dressing (Tube)

Restore gel is a clear, viscous gel that maintains a moist healing environment in partial and full thickness wounds. Provides up to 72 hours of wear time. Available in different forms to meet a...

$700 TB 1
SAF-Gel Hydrating Dermal Wound Dressing Gel With Alginate

SAF-Gel is the first gel dressing to contain alginates to enhance gel mass integrity without adhering to the wound bed. Designed for multiple use and optimal clinical outcomes. SAF-Gel is indicated...

SoloSite Wound Gel

Noncytotoxic, nonirritating and nonsensitizing. Safe and effective gel creates and maintains a moist healing environment. Apply daily.

$2040 TB 1
Tegagel Hydrogel Wound Filler - 15gm

Clear hydrating gel for management of nondraining, minimally-draining and necrotic wounds. Enhances wound healing; assists autolytic debridement by hydrating devitalized tissue. Single-use foil pouch...

$674 Ea
Triad Hydrophilic Wound Dressing

Triad hydrophilic wound dressing is indicated for the local management of pressure and venous statis ulcers, dermal lesions/injuries, superficial wounds, scrapes, first-and second-degree burns...

$2950 Ea
Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel
  •  Clear amorphous gel which allows easy wound visualization
  •  Mild preservative provides a two year shelf life
  •  Contains ingredients beneficial to the skin and the wound healing process

$1150 Ea
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