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Non-irritating solvent can be used on sensitive skin. Companion product to Medical Adhesive Spray (Series 7730). Easy to use; spray allows application directly to appliance prior to...

$2170 Ea

Hollister Apogee intermittent self catheter. For general catheterization, these catheters have ultra smooth eyelets that provide comfort on insertion and removal. Apogee intermittent catheters...

Hollister1036, 1046, 1061, 1083

Tapered SoftFlex Standard Wear skin barrier, beige odor-barrier pouch and deodorizing filter. For the ultimate in comfort. It's almost like not wearing a pouch at all. Odor barrier, rustle-free film...

$7800 BX 30
  •  Anti-Reflux Valve
  •  Drain Valve Open/Closed (Tear Drop) Indicator
  •  Bathing/Swimming Allowable

Hollister1432, 1433, 1434, 1438, 1439
$9100 BX 10
  •  QuietWear Pouch Material
  •  Odor Barrier Rustle-Free Pouch
  •  ComfortWear Pouch Panel on Both Sides

Hollister18322, 18323, 18324
$5800 BX 30
  •  SoftFlex Skin Barrier
  •  ElastaFlex Skin Barrier Backing
  •  Odor Barrier Film

$8200 BX 15
  •  Occlusive
  •  Self Adhesive Film Backing
  •  Bacterial and Viral Barrier

$1230 Ea

Protects raw and weeping skin by creating a sticky gel. Use sparingly to absorb moisture or exudate from skin prior to placing a skin barrier on peristomal skin. Convenient to use; squeeze bottle...

$930 Ea
  •  Provides a secure seal between the catheter, drain tube and the wound drainage collector
  •  Accommodates virtually all catheter/drain tube sizes
  •  Sterile Packaging

$2110 Ea
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