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Loading...Bariatric Sentra EC Heavy-Duty Wheelchair

Bariatric Sentra Ec Heavy-duty Wheelchair

Name: Bariatric Sentra EC Heavy-Duty Wheelchair: Parts For Bariatric Sentra Ec Heavy-duty Wheelchair With1m
Manufacturer: Drive Medical
Parts For Bariatric Sentra Ec Heavy-duty Wheelchair With1m parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
3STDS1006Rear Wheel/ BIk. Hand rail
5STDS1S1053Rear Axle Bolt-(22-24")
7STDS4020tipping sleeve
4STDS1012Front Wheel Bearing
5STDS100524" Wheel Axle Bolt
13STDS1011HDCaster Bearing (11 mm)
14STDS1075-2Caster 22-24" Chair
11STDS4019 RBrake Assm- rightN/APlease Call
8STDS004012Hand Rim
11STDS4019 LBrake Assm- leftN/APlease Call
16STDS8M4601Fork Stern Bearing
9STDS1073H/R Screws & Spacers
17STDS1051Fork Stem Cap
12STDS8M4631Front Axle Bolt
10STDS4011rubber tip
20STDS1070Seat Rail Guide
12STDS1002-1Caster axle bolt
21STDSADDASPLArm Assm.- Adj. Desk left
13STDS1011Wheel Bearing
14STDS3003Front Caster Fork
21STDSADDASPRArm Assm.- Adj. Desk right
21STDSADFASPLComplete Arms Full Adj Ht (left)
15STDS1060Fork Stem Bearing
21STDSADFASPRComplete Arms Full Adj Ht (right)
21STDSDDAECLArm Assm.- Desk left
21STDSDDAECRArm Assm.- Desk right
21STDSDFAECLArm Assm.- Full left
21STDSDFAECRArm Assm.- Full right
17STDS2025BLKSeat Upholstery-22"
17STDS2332BLKSeat Uphl 24" 5 Screw Holes (BX)
23STDSSBarm release button
28STDS005200Telescoping Slide Tube
23STDS002044arm rest side panel
31STDS1026Footrest Bumper
23STDS002043Arm Rest Pad-Full
24STDS002600Slide Tube-14-20"
27FWFP-RFootplate- right
27FWFP-LFootplate- left
29aSTDS1002Front Caster
31STDS1M261 RSideframe- 16-20" rightN/APlease Call
31STDS1M261 LSideframe- 16-19" left N/APlease Call
31STDS1S262 RSideframe- 22-24" rightN/APlease Call
31STDS1S262 LSideframe- 22-24" left N/APlease Call