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Bariatric Steel Transport Chair

Name: Bariatric Steel Transport Chair: Parts For Btr-20
Manufacturer: Drive Medical
Parts For Btr-20 parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
2STDS2KBTR20B20" Back Upholstery
3STDS2KBTR20S20" Seat Upholstery
7STDS2K303RWheel Lock - Rt.
7STDS2K303LWheel Lock - Lt.
10STDS2K3002Rear Hub Cap (BAG)
11STDS2K3032Rear Axle Bolt (PR)
12STDS2K3000Rear Wheel
13STDS2K3045Cross Frame
15STDS2K3042Front Axle Bolt
16STDS1011Wheel Bearing
17STDS2K3009Front Wheel
19STDS3J2401Fork Stern Bearing (12.5mm) Flange
20STDS8M4651Capster Cap
24STDS1026Footrest Bumper
25STDS2K305RFootrest Set Red (CV)
25STDS2K305BFootrest Set Blue (CV)
27STDS1072-8Seat Upholstery Scews (8)
STDS2K303IRear Wheel BearingsN/APlease Call
26STDS3J4503Arm Release Button
STDSI0IIFront Axle BearingsN/APlease Call
STDS2K30I0Slide TubeN/APlease Call
STDS2K3003Hand Grip (PR)
STDS3J240IFork Stem BearingsN/APlease Call
STDS2K30I5Tipping SleeveN/APlease Call
24STDS8M4601Fork Stern Bearing
STDS8M4603Brake Tip
STDSI026Footrest BumperN/APlease Call
STDS2K30I2Upholstery HandleN/APlease Call
STDS2K30IIHanger PinN/APlease Call
STDS00I07IBack Upholstery ScrewN/APlease Call