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Deluxe Fly-Weight Aluminum Transport Chair Replacement Parts in Parts For Fw17 by Drive Medical


Parts For Fw17

Parts For Fw17 parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1TR-17Bback upholstery for s/n with A
1aSTDS1M2017for s/n with MN/APlease Call
2aSTDS001021Bblue backrest cane
4TRB-1Back Release Lever
5SDTS001011folding cane hinge
6aSDTS2005full arm pad nylonN/APlease Call
6bSDTS2004desk arm pad nylonN/APlease Call
7STDS002001arm pad bolts
8TR-17Sseat upholstery for s/n with A
9FWBCClamp for brake
11TR-AXLE8" Rear Wheel Axle
12STDS0020508" Rear Wheel Bearing
13STDS002051rear axle spacer
14TRW-1rear wheel
15STDS001044caster fork
16STDS1002-1Caster axle bolt
17STDS1011Wheel Bearing
18STDS1066Dust Cap
19STDS4020tipping sleeve
20STDS1002Front Caster
21STDS1060Fork Stem Bearing
22STDS001045Fork Stem Nut
24FW-1001front seat rail guide
25STDS1070Seat Rail Guide
26aSTDELR-1Lrelease lever- Left
26bSTDELR-1Rrelease lever- Right
28aSTDS001051Footrest adjustment bolt
28bSTDS001052footrest height adjustment bolt
29STDS1026Footrest Bumper
30FWFP-RFootplate- right
32STDS001061cross brace bolt
33bFWSFBFootrest set: blue
33bFWSFSFootrest set: silver
33bFWSFGFootrest set: green
33bFWSFBKFootrest set: blackN/APlease Call