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Loading...Deluxe Go-Kart Steel Transport Chair (Chrome)

Deluxe Go-kart Steel Transport Chair (chrome)

Name: Deluxe Go-Kart Steel Transport Chair (Chrome): Parts For Tr17
Manufacturer: Drive Medical
Parts For Tr17 parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1STDS2351BLKback upholstery for s/n with A (BX)
3TRHGHandgrip (BX)
4TRB-1Back Release Lever
5TRHfolding hinge
7STDS002001arm pad bolts
8STDS2350BLKseat upholstery (BX)
9STDS4011rubber tip
10aSTDS00200Rright side brake
10bSTDS00200Lleft side brake
11TR-AXLE8" Rear Wheel Axle
12STDS0020508" Rear Wheel Bearing
13TRW-1rear wheel
16STDS1002-1Caster axle bolt
17STDS1011Wheel Bearing
18STDS1066Dust Cap
19STDS4020tipping sleeve
20STDS1002Front Caster
21STDS1060Fork Stem Bearing
22STDS001045Fork Stem Nut
23STDS001000Axle Cap
24FW-1001front seat rail guide
25STDS1070Seat Rail Guide
26STDELR-2Lrelease lever-left
26STDELR-2Rrelease lever- Right
27STDS00202RFootrest hanger (right)
27STDS00202LFootrest hanger (left)
28aSTDS001051Footrest adjustment bolt
29STDS1026Footrest Bumper
30FWFP-RFootplate- right
32STDS001061cross brace bolt
33STDS002044arm rest side panel
35STDSSBarm release button
FWFP-LFootplate- left
STDS1072-8Seat Upholstery Scews (8)
STDS5D5504Back Upholstery Screws (8) (PKG)
STDS850-PBSeat Belt
STDS1M2017for s/n with MN/APlease Call
TR-17Bback upholstery for s/n with A
STDSDSKNBDesk arm pad
TR-17Sseat upholstery for s/n with A