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Loading...Heavy Duty 50 PSI Compressor

Heavy Duty 50 Psi Compressor

Name: Heavy Duty 50 PSI Compressor: Parts
Manufacturer: Drive Medical
Parts parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
118450-ADAPTEROutlet Port Adapter
218450-CAPFilter Cap
318450-FILTERIntake Filter (PKG)
418450-CBCircuit Breaker
518450-GAUGEPressure Gauge
618450-SWITCHPower Switch
718450-TTee Connector
818450-TUBEPE Tubing
918450-NVALVEPressure Valve Blue Valve
1018450-HEADKITCompressor Head Rebuild Kit
1118450-FANCooling Fan
18450-VALVERelief Valve
18450-RFRear Cabinent Filter