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Kid-Kart Xpress Replacement Parts in Seating Shell / Seating Shell Discontinued by Quickie


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Seating Shell Discontinued parts diagram
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Note: Effective for models prior to May 2007, having a serial number without a letter at the end... e.g. xxxxxx07117
Pos.Part #DescriptionRemarksPriceBuy
19133000001SHELL ASSY XP1 TILT ONLYShort; TiltN/APlease Call
19133200001SHELL ASSY XPB1 TILT ONLY BUSShort; Tilt, TransitN/APlease Call
19133110001SHELL ASSY XP2 TILT/RECLINEShort; Tilt/ReclineN/APlease Call
19133310001SHELL ASSY XPB2 TILT/RECL BUSShort; Tilt/Recline, Transit
19133000002SHELL ASSY XPX1 TILT ONLYTall; TiltN/APlease Call
19133200002SHELL ASSY XPXB1 TILT ONLY BUSTall; Tilt, Transit
19133110002SHELL ASSY XPX2 TILT/RECLINETall; Tilt/ReclineN/APlease Call
19133310002SHELL ASSY XPXB2 TILT/RECL BUSTall; Tilt/Recline, Transit