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Name: Spark: Axles
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Axles parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1a101108Axle Quick Release w/ Button 1/2" x 99MM
1b101182Axle Quick Release w/ Button 1/2" x 104MM
1c101191Axle Quick Release w/ Button 1/2" x 110MM
1d102371Axle Quick Release w/ Button 1/2" x 122mm
1e103039Axle Quick Release w/ Button 73mm
1f103119Axle Quick Release w/ Button 82mm
1g107272Softwheel Quick Release Axle w/Button 1/2" x 104MM (PAIR)- Used on Ki Rigid / Ki Catalyst
1h107273Softwheel Quick Release Axle w/ Button 1/2" x 110MM (PAIR)- Used on Ki Focus / Sunrise / Ti Lite
2a100755Axle Quick Release 1/2" x 99MM
2b100901Axle Quick Release 1/2" x 104MM
2d102432Axle Quick Release 1/2" x 112mm
3100910Quad Quick Release Lever
4a100899Fixed Axle 1/2-13 x 4-3/4 G5 HHCS ZC
4b102612Fixed Axle HHCS 1/2-20 X 5 GRD 8 BLK ZN
4c102086Fixed Axle HHCS 1/2-20 x 5 1/2 Lg Blk Zn
4d103035Fixed Axle 1/2-20 x 3.25 HHCS, G8, Blk Zn
4e103036Fixed Axle 1/2-20 x 3.75 HHCS, G8, BLK Zn
5a1009001/2-13 NTE JAM NYL INS L/N HXFRE ZC- Used on all chairs except Focus and Liberty
5b1014591/2-20 NTE JAM NYL INS L/N BLK ZC- Used only on Focus and Liberty chairs