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Little Wave Clik

Name: Little Wave Clik: Clik Camber Mount Towers
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Clik Camber Mount Towers parts diagram
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Color Anodizing Reference
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1a000923Camber Mount Tower Short Black Anodized Rigid
1b000923_ _ _Color Anodized Camber Mount Tower Short RigidN/APlease Call
1c000924Camber Mount Tower Medium Black Anodized Rigid
1d000924_ _ _Color Anodized Camber Mount Tower Medium RigidN/APlease Call
1e000925Camber Mount Tower Long Black Anodized Rigid
1f000925_ _ _Color Anodized Camber Mount Tower Long RigidN/APlease Call
1g000926Camber Mount Tower Extra Long Black Anodized Rigid
1h000926_ _ _Color Anodized Camber Mount Tower Extra Long RigidN/APlease Call
2000920Camber Mount Cap Rigid
3a111822Tower Clamp Mount, Clik
3b003366One Arm Drive Tower Clamp, Outboard Mount, Clik- Used with Clik Hex Style One Arm Drive. See Clik Blade Style One Arm Drive for configurations where used
4a001786Tower Clamp Black Anodized LW
3a, 4a, 5a, 6a502578Camber Tower Clamp Black Anodized w/ Hardware Assembly, One Side CLIK
4b001786_ _ _Color Anodized Tower Clamp LWN/APlease Call
3a, 4b, 5a, 6a502578_ _ _Color Anodized Camber Tower Clamp w/ Hardware Assembly, One SideN/APlease Call
5a102619M5 X 40 SHCS BLK ZC ()- Used if One Arm Drive is not present or if Blade Style One Arm Drive is present
5b101734M5 x 35 SHCS BLK ZC- Used with Hex Style One Arm Drive
6a100657M5 Nylock Nut Blk Zn- Use quantity 5 per side if One Arm Drive is not present. Use quantity 3 per side if One Arm Drive is present.
6b103056M5 Cap Nut Black Zinc ()- Use quantity 2 per side for the tower clamp mount if One Arm Drive is present
7001347Camber Tower Mounting Clamp Rigid
8101717M5 x 25 SHCS BLK ZC ()
9101734M5 x 35 SHCS BLK ZC
10105015M5 X 6 DIN914 SSS CONE PT PLN
7 - 10502579Camber Tube Mount w/ Hardware Assembly, One Side CLIK