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Rogue Xp

Name: Rogue XP: Rogue Xp Tubular Open Footrest
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Rogue Xp Tubular Open Footrest parts diagram
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Footplate Length Measuring GuideSizes based on straight frame
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
2, 3501739Footrest Protector w/ Instructions Kit Left Rigid
2, 3501740Footrest Protector w/ Instructions Kit Right Rigid
2, 3501741Footrest Protector w/ Instructions Kit PAIR Rigid
1a000214Footrest Tubular 12" Rigid
1b000215Footrest Tubular 13" Rigid
1c000216Footrest Tubular 14" Rigid
1d000217Footrest Tubular 15" Rigid
1e000218Footrest Tubular 16" Rigid
1f000219Footrest Tubular 17" Rigid
1g000220Footrest Tubular 18" Rigid