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Name: Rogue: Discontinued 1 Rigid Padded Hook And Loop Adjustable Back Upholstery
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Discontinued 1 Rigid Padded Hook And Loop Adjustable Back Upholstery parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1a101166Backrest Cover 10LW 10-16.5N/APlease Call
1b101165Backrest Cover 11/12LW 10-16.5N/APlease Call
1c102445Backrest Cover 14C 13R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1d105026Backrest Cover 15C 14R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1e105027Backrest Cover 16C 15R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1f105065Backrest Cover 17C 16R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1g105028Backrest Cover 18C 17R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1h105066Backrest Cover 19C 18R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1i105029Backrest Cover 20C 19R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1j105067Backrest Cover 21C 20R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1k105030Backrest Cover 22C 21R 10-13.5N/APlease Call
1m102446Backrest Cover 14C 13R 14-19.5N/APlease Call
1n105032Backrest Cover 15C 14R 14-19.5N/APlease Call
1o105033Backrest Cover 16C 15R 14-19.5N/APlease Call
1p105069Backrest Cover 17C 16R 14-19.5N/APlease Call
1v105072Backrest Cover 22R 14-19.5N/APlease Call
2a101782Back Wing Closed L 10-13.5H 10-17W RigidN/APlease Call
2b101783Back Wing Closed R 10-13.5H 10-17W RigidN/APlease Call
2c101784Back Wing Closed L 14-17.5H 10-17W RigidN/APlease Call
2d101785Back Wing Closed R 14-17.5H 10-17W RigidN/APlease Call
2e101786Back Wing Closed L 18-19.5H 10-17W Rigid
2f101787Back Wing Closed R 18-19.5H 10-17W Rigid
2g105085Back Wing Closed L 10-13.5H 18-22W RigidN/APlease Call
2h105086Back Wing Closed R 10-13.5H 18-22W Rigid
2i105087Back Wing Closed L 14-17.5H 18-22W RigidN/APlease Call
2j105088Back Wing Closed R 14-17.5H 18-22W RigidN/APlease Call
2k105089Back Wing Closed L 18-19.5H 18-22W Rigid
2l105090Back Wing Closed R 18-19.5H 18-22W Rigid
3a101788Back Wing Open L 10-13.5H 10-17W Rigid
3b101789Back Wing Open R 10-13.5H 10-17W Rigid
3c101790Back Wing Open L 14-17.5H 10-17W RigidN/APlease Call
3d101791Back Wing Open R 14-17.5H 10-17W RigidN/APlease Call
3e101792Back Wing Open L 18-19.5H 10-17W RigidN/APlease Call
3f101793Back Wing Open R 18-19.5H 10-17W Rigid
3g105091Back Wing Open L 10-13.5H 18-22W Rigid
3h105092Back Wing Open R 10-13.5H 18-22W Rigid
3i105093Back Wing Open L 14-17.5H 18-22W Rigid
3j105094Back Wing Open R 14-17.5H 18-22W Rigid
3k105095Back Wing Open L 18-19.5H 18-22W Rigid
3l105096Back Wing Open R 18-19.5H 18-22W RigidN/APlease Call
4100973Back Upholstery D-Ring ()
5a101167Back Uph Strap 10 LWN/APlease Call
5b100770Back Uph Strap 11-12RN/APlease Call
5c100771Back Uph Strap 14-16CAT/13-15RN/APlease Call
5d100772Back Uph Strap 17-18CAT/16-17RN/APlease Call
5e100773Back Uph Strap 19-20CAT/18-19RN/APlease Call
6100734M5 x 16 PHMS ZC
7a001750Tension Strap Folding Handle 14-15 Wide
7b001751Tension Strap Folding Handle 16-17 Wide
7c001752Tension Strap Folding Handle 18-19 Wide
7d001753Tension Strap Folding Handle 20-22 Wide