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Zippie Ts / Zippie Ts Se (chairs W/ S/n Prefix Z1a & Z1se)

Name: Zippie TS / Zippie TS SE (Chairs w/ S/N Prefix Z1A & Z1SE): Spinergy Spox (18 Spoke)
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Spinergy Spox (18 Spoke) parts diagram
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Note: this wheel utilizes tab mount handrims - the handrim has a straight tab that mounts to the wheel through the rim.Note: please see the Rear Wheel Finder for the complete Wheel Assembly with the Flex Rim.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1109242SPINERGY STD WHL 22" BLK SPK- 22"(489mm)
1762438SPINERGY STD WHEEL 540 BLK SPK- 24"(540mm)
1762441SPINERGY STD WHL 559 BLK SPK- 25"(559mm)
1762437SPINERGY STD WHEEL 590 BLK SPK- 26"(590mm)
1762442SPINERGY STD WHEEL 540 BLUE- 24"(540mm)
1762444SPINERGY STD WHEEL 559 BLU- 25"(559mm)
1762446SPINERGY STD WHEEL 590 BLUE- 26"(590mm)
1762443SPINERGY STD WHEEL 540 RED- 24"(540mm)
1762445SPINERGY STD WHEEL 559 RED- 25"(559mm)
1762447SPINERGY STD WHEEL 590 RED- 26"(590mm)
1762456SPINERGY STD WHEEL 540 WHT- 24"(540mm)
1762433SPINERGY STD WHEEL 540 YELLOW- 24"(540mm)
1762462SPINERGY STD WHL 559 YLW SPK- 25"(559mm)
1762431SPINERGY STD WHEEL 590 YELLOW- 26"(590mm)
23495001 1/8 X 1/2 BEARING