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Catalyst 5vx

Name: Catalyst 5Vx: Catalyst 5vx Transit
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Catalyst 5vx Transit parts diagram
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Not available with Heavy Duty Option
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1 - 2, 3a - 3c, 4 - 8500548Transit Bracket Retrofit Kit CAT5 / SPARK- Not available with Heavy Duty Option. This kit is a complete retrofit, containing a pair of front and rear transit brackets and hardware.
3a101826M6 x 50 HHCS Blk Zn- Use quantity 2 if only Transit is present; Use quantity 1 if Transit and Anti-Tip bracket are present
3b100676M6 x 55 CLS10.9 DIN931 HHCS ZC- Use quantity 2 if Transit and Anti-Tip bracket are present. Use quantity 1 if Swing Away Arm bracket, Transit, and Anti-Tip bracket are present
3c100677M6 x 60 CLS10.9 DIN931 HHCS ZC- Used to attach Front Transit Bracket. Use quantity 2 if Transit, Anti-Tip bracket and Swing Away Arm bracket are present
4000056Saddle 1 1/8" ()
5100746M6 Flat Washer Blk Zn
6100558M6 NYL INS Domed Cap L/N ZC
7100658M6 Nylock Nut Blk Zn
8100510Eccentric Washer ()