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Catalyst 5vx

Name: Catalyst 5Vx: Superlight Handrim
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Superlight Handrim parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1a101161Handrim Superlight Aluminum Anodized 24"
1b505585Handrim Superlight Aluminum Anodized 24" w/ Micro Grip
1c101160Handrim Superlight Aluminum Anodized 25"
1d505586Handrim Superlight Aluminum Anodized 25" w/ Micro Grip
2a100536M5 x 12 BTN SHCS ZC ()- Used with Superlight Spoke
2b100669M5 x 10 BTN SHCS BLKZC w/Patch ()- Used with Spinergy and Topolino wheels
3100657M5 Nylock Nut Blk Zn ()- Used with Spinergy and Topolino wheels
2a502170Handrim Hardware Kit, Superlight, EACH- Used with Superlight Spoke
2b, 3502174Handrim Hardware Kit, 6 Tab, EACH- Used with Spinergy and Topolino wheels