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Focus Cr

Name: Focus CR: (discontinued 1) Focus Cr Hand Tilt Mechanism Reclining Back
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
(discontinued 1) Focus Cr Hand Tilt Mechanism Reclining Back parts diagram
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This Focus CR Hand Tilt is discontinued and was used on chairs prior to a March 5th, 2018 invoice date.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
2, 15, 28a, 29, 31, 33503759Hand Tilt Cable/ Trigger Kit for Short Stroller Handle/ Reclining Back, FocusN/APlease Call
2, 15, 28b, 29, 31, 33503760Hand Tilt Cable/ Trigger Kit for Tall Stroller Handle/ Reclining Back, FocusN/APlease Call
1a, 14500872Tilt Lock Mount Bracket w/ Bearing Kit, Right, Focus, Fixed Height
1b, 14500873Tilt Lock Mount Bracket w/ Bearing Kit, Left, Focus, Fixed Height
31, 33110139Lever Assembly with Lanyard Vertical Tilt
2001239P-Clip 3/16"
3003247Link, Drive, Tilt
4a002084Toggle, Drive, Tilt, R
4b002085Toggle, Drive, Tilt, L
5002086Spacer, .38ODx.24IDx.31LG
6003364Pin, Toggle, Tilt
7002088Bushing, Toggle, Lower, Tilt
8002089Spring, Ext, 3/8ODx1.0LGx.041W
9a002094Growth Strut, Tilt Lock, Small
9b002095Growth Strut, Tilt Lock, Med
9c002096Growth Strut, Tilt Lock, Large
10002097Insert, Drive, Tilt ()
11002411Cog Lever, Tilt Lock, R
12002412Cog Lever, Tilt Lock, L
13a001109Spring Tilt Lock Right TILT- Used with left side assembly
13b001110Spring Tilt Lock Left TILT- Used with right side assembly
15001137E-Clip 3/16" TILTN/APlease Call
16a101823M6 x 20 HHCS Blk Zn- Standard weight capacity requires qty 5; Heavy Duty requires qty of 1
16b100674M6 x 45 CLS10.9 DIN931 HHCS ZC ()- Used with Heavy Duty option/spacer
16c101826M6 x 50 HHCS Blk Zn- Used on drive side tilt with Heavy Duty option/spacer
17101822M6 x 12 HHCS BLKZC w/Patch
18101821M5 x 25 HHCS Blk Zn
19102783M3 x 12 HHCS, CL8.8, Blk Zn
20100657M5 Nylock Nut Blk Zn
21102784Nut, Nylock, M3, Blk ()
22102082Washer Nylon .406IDX.75ODX.040 ()
23101853M6 Washer Blk Zn
24101835M6 Lock Washer Blk Zn
25101856Flat Washer, M5, Blk Zn
26102785Flat Washer, M3, Blk Zn
27003387Cable Mount, Tilt
28a002100Cable, Tilt, Short- Used with short back height range
28b002101Cable, Tilt, Med- Used with tall back height range
29001117Cable Clip 1"
30101824M6 x 30 HHCS Blk Zn
31100734M5 x 16 PHMS ZC
32102803Washer Flat .250 x .500 x .027 HX BLZ
34001405Spacer, .69OD x .24ID x .1.01Lg ()- Only used with Heavy Duty Option